Mahesh A Talawar

Chief Executive and Co-founder

As the driving force behind Global Buzz's Sales and Client Engagement division, Mr. Mahesh A Talwar is a visionary leader with a profound dedication to nurturing lasting client relationships. With a strategic blend of expertise and experience, he has been instrumental in fostering connections that stand the test of time.

At the helm of our Sales and Marketing campaigns, his guidance propels our organization's growth trajectory. His insight into market dynamics and client needs shapes our approach, ensuring tailored solutions that resonate with each unique challenge.

Beyond his role in Sales and Client Engagement, he stands as the guiding light for our Creative team, steering innovation and designing user-friendly solutions that consistently exceed expectations. He envisions holistic experiences that encompass branding, digital designs, and visual narratives that tell compelling stories. His creative leadership extends our vision of innovation, excellence, and enduring client relationships, leaving an indelible mark on both our team and the distinctive solutions we proudly offer.

Muktha Rao

Managing Director and Co-founder

Ms. Muktha Rao stands at the forefront of Global Buzz's corporate leadership, steering the creation of a visionary path. In her role as a Co-founder and Managing Director, she channels her passion into molding the organization's vision and adeptly channeling resources to bring that vision to life.

Muktha's dedication to understanding customer needs deeply is a hallmark of her approach. She thrives on crafting imaginative, high-end solutions that precisely cater to clients' individual specifications. This unwavering commitment to personalized excellence sets her apart.

With a strong footing in technology, Muktha orchestrates the end-to-end development of projects, encompassing strategy, design, development, quality control, and data center operations. Her holistic leadership ensures that each project reflects the pinnacle of proficiency.

Muktha's impact extends beyond projects to people. She actively participates in fostering and invigorating cohesive teams, a pivotal force behind Global Buzz's commitment to innovation, excellence, and enduring client relationships.

Apoorva Anand

Chief Technology Officer

A driven and self-motivated individual, Ms. Apoorva Anand embodies a profound belief in the synergy of hard work and dedication as the foundation of success. In her role as Chief Technology Officer, Apoorva is entrusted with setting the technical and strategic compass for projects under her purview. Her unwavering commitment to quality and timeliness makes her a cornerstone of accountability.

Apoorva's influence reaches far beyond the confines of projects. Her inspirational leadership resonates internally, galvanizing the team around the company's long-term technical vision. With a keen eye on performance, she ensures that goals and objectives are met consistently, fostering an environment of continuous achievement.

As a catalyst for innovation and precision, Apoorva's leadership elevates Global Buzz's commitment to technical excellence, growth, and the achievement of milestones. Her blend of motivation and expertise marks her as an essential driving force behind our pursuit of greatness.

Collectively, our founders and leadership team embody the essence of Global Buzz's mission, contributing their diverse expertise to shape the growth and success of our organization.