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Divya Gowda

GB is a place where I started my career and it was a nice experience learning new technologies in a healthy environment.

As a fresher it’s a great platform to explore your skills, to learn new innovations and more over GB is not just a company it’s more like a family.

More over GB teaches the standard, to provide quality work and the higher authorities are so friendly that anyone will love to work with them and l am proud to be one among them.

GB makes me more confident to face the challenges I’m thankful for it.
In GB we not only work but there are many other activities that are conducted which keep us refreshed.

I am very happy and thankful to GB for giving us an opportunity to be a part of it.

Swetha Settar

Through it was a short journey with Global Buzz….

It is a place were we can gain a bundle of knowledge, Global buzz is just not a working place it’s a homely environment with good culture, in a single word it is awesome…..

Sowmya R

I joined GB in August 2016. At the beginning, as a fresher, I felt it may be difficult to adjust GB’s Culture.

Later as the days passed and I got to know about GB’s Culture in detail, I started to follow it and it helped me to became a good professional.

GB gave me an opportunities to build my strength, to become courageous and a good professional. To enjoy the work we need to taste our work. Gb trained me, to pursue each steps in my career to reach the highest peak.

GB gave me the responsibility to handle client interaction and with each different scenario’s, I gained a lot of valuable knowledge. Along with the work we go outing, celebrate festivals which is one of the best memories in my life with GB family.

When comes to the team, I have met the real friends of my life and a supportive leaders who always motivates to bring out the best in me.

Finally it’s been great to work in GB that gives so much to me.Thanks GB!

Anjana Padmesh

Top – Notch web development and branding company in Mysore. The training methodologies and working standards of Global Buzz helped me to sharpen my skills, be it C#, Html, PHP or JavaScript.

Apart from the work, Global Buzz also conducts extracurricular activities like skill development which really helped me to brush up my soft skills.

Listening to the daily inspirational quote and 5 minutes of meditation keeps us motivated throughout the day for better work results.

Other activities include sports and social activities like bird-feeding, teaching tiny tots of Kerehundi School.

The work environment is different from most of the companies which keeps us dedicated to our task during the working hours without any distraction and to meet the project deadlines efficiently.

Thank you GB for giving the opportunity to work here. Anjana – Software Engineer

Pushpa Latha

Global Buzz is a good place to learn everyday i learn a new thing. My experience with globalbuzz was very good. The senior employees were supportive and friendly they helped a lot in training period.

After the training period when handling the projects it was quite difficult, day by day with our senior guidance and help the work came out in an easier way. Global buzz outputs a quality work, they train us according to that to maintain the same level of quality work for all projects.

To keep the employees ethuastic they conduct events for festivals like dussera, diwali,christmas,new year etc. They make all employees to involve in it and have fun.

GB conducts performer of the month and performer of the year which motivates the employees to won the award. GB is a good place to build our carrer and learn more things.

Harshitha Raj

‘Global Buzz’ the name itself gives us an energy.This is a place where i first started my carrer, My team used to push us and support us to do the work by ourselves learning new concepts and maintaining the standards has made us improve day by day.

Communicating on phone with clients has also made us overcome our fear talking on phone i feel blessed by working with such a friendly team

It was a great experience working with GB.

Bhumika Mallik

A very good place to start your career. I am very glad to be a part of the globalbuzz company because I joined as a fresher and got trained in a very good manner. Training was great. The interaction between employees and respectable person is very nice. They clarify our doubts with patience; the way of explanation is in the good manner.

To express our knowledge is a great place to work and could be a life-changing opportunity for people who would like to achieve a great career. One of the best companies I’ve ever worked for that continues to learn and grow. It helps to improves my career growth and helpful to lead life with support of good management and colleague. I love working here so much.

I constantly have new and interesting projects and autonomy to decide how to approach my work. Our leadership and the team members are good. They work really hard and are always there when I want to talk to someone about my work.

We feel like home. The team members are like family members. Amazing work culture, friendly people, lots of exposure and things to learn.Thank You

Trupthi R

Global Buzz is the first company where I started my first career towards success also Global Buzz is the foundation and pillar of my career life.

Global Buzz is a great place to learn and implement technologies with a homely atmosphere, and friendly and flexible work culture.

I have learned many things from Global Buzz and learning never stops…

In earlier days I have faced some difficulties in handling clients and projects
but Global Buzz has supported and guided me so that it helped me to do my best in my work.

Started my career journey in Global Buzz as a software engineer trainee then promoted as Team Lead with almost 2 years of experience,
the journey from Trainee to Lead had beautiful experiences in working with the team, tracking the team, guiding the team and the most important one is learning many concepts while handling the team.

The higher up’s of the Global Buzz are very supportive and friendly in nature.It was a very good experience working in Global Buzz.

Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to work in Global Buzz.

Nandini K V

It’s been a great pleasure working with Global Buzz and representing the company. I have learned many skills from higher ups and my teammates which I am sure will benefit me throughout my professional career.

Thank you Global Buzz and my special thanks to Muktha mam for your guidance and support.

I wish the team every success in the future and thank you for the opportunity that has been given to me during my time here.

Nikita Kamble

Journey with my creative GB

I’m happily working in my GB, for me it’s not a company, it’s more than a family. After finishing my college life I did not know about professional life.

From day one when I came to GB I started learning what professionalism is. I joined GB as a Designer Trainee, when I was in college I only knew about softwares but once I started my training in Gbuzz, I got to know in depth about softwares, how to use tools like Adobe Photoshop to provide creative work to client for better customer satisfaction.

This is one of the most beautiful thing in my life because everyone gives a work but in GB we are giving creative + Quality work.

Whenever I met my friend they shared their experience as they are working like a robot but I’m happy to tell that I’m not working in company I’m working in GB family.

GB gave a mesmerising family environment & support to me, wings to my dreams not only in working life but in my professional life as well.

Because of GB culture now I’m working as a Design Lead position, I thank GB for that great opportunity offered to me.

GB provided me with most beautiful hearted teachers & friendly colleagues to me.

Nagashree Naganna

Being a GBuzzer I feel this as my home rather than a work place.

GB, the word itself makes me feel always happy and enthusiastic. In Global Buzz I have got many opportunities to portray myself in the IT world.

I always love the work culture and environment which made us to become better professional day by day.

Global Buzz also impacts on our personal life by giving an opportunity to serve society by Global Buzz Foundation. Individually I feel being in GB gives me more strength for both my professional and personal life.

I found myself being in GB. GB has given me more confidence to face clients and communicate with them. Here day by day my professional life’s crown is getting added with precious gems.

I will be thankful to GB always for providing me with such an opportunity to enjoy each and every moment of my professional path.

Mutya Sai Kumari

I started my career with Global Buzz on December 27th 2019.

Through it was a short journey I felt its a good place to learn day by day. Global Buzz, the word itself makes me feel always happy and enthusiastic. Because, it’s not just a company it’s more like a family.

GB makes me more confident to face the client calls I’m thankful for it. In GB we not only work but there are many other activities that are conducted to enjoy each and every moment along with the work.

Thank you Global Buzz for giving a good opportunity and making me the part of GB family. Thank you…

Bhavana M R

My name is Bhavana. I started my career in Global Buzz and it was very nice experience.

As a fresher, it’s a great platform to explore your skills. A great place to work and a growing company in Mysore. Really enjoy the majority of my coworkers. Most are humble, friendly and skilled.

They don’t over exert you but challenge you bring your best. Salary on time. The senior employees were supportive and friendly they helped a lot in training period.

I am very thankful to the Global Buzz family for providing a great opportunity for freshers.

GB makes me more confident to face new challenges I’m very thankful for it.
Thank you GB for everything.

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