Indea Yoga

    We have two sites build by GlobalBuzz. its long journey. here my main communication with Mahesh and Muktha, both are extremely talented. and they give all answer. there way of communication is Email. all our questions and requirements need to mail them. only disappointing is there is no replay as we received the Mail.
    Technically they are really very good.

    Sagar Hirasave

    Brilliant to work with, clear expetations & delivery & provide a professional experience. Highly recommend

    Prasad Karigowda

    GlobalBuzz had taken software development and annual maintenance of the website of Sri Chamundeshwari temple Mysore. They have done the work with utmost dedication. It is user friendly.

    Deepak Gabriel

    Our experience with Mahesh and his team at Globalbuzz has been excellent. They are very professional in their work and their customer service is great.

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    Shiva Prasad B

    One of the very few creative minds in Mysuru.. Best platform for branding of your ventures, products, services, startups and many more.

    Ashwin Dsouza

    Its amazing..Very professional team and the team work is world class just like the firm’s name.. The proprietor works like a leader and exceeds the customer satisfaction which is very important..

    Sunil Mysore

    Global Buzz has a very professional approach with a sense of time.Appreciate their approach & attitude to their clients.

    S R Groups INDIA (SRG)

    Technically Up To Date. Capable Of Understanding & Handling Client Requirements.

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    Harpreet Singh Odhra

    The team made an academic website for us. It was done very well and the team is very responsive.

    Rakesh J

    The project was executed and delivered way ahead of the deadline time with very good quality. The team was very responsive in handling our queries.

    I would highly recommend Globalbuzz for website development and other services provided by them.

    D K

    Dedicated team. We get all our IT based solutions from these people. Smart! Good in design and execution

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    System Needs – Ramavilas Road

    Excellent team. Professionalism meets quality & value. Recommend to every person who needs solutions for their business.

    Bhaskar SRM

    Globalbuzz is great with communication and were always following up. their communication throughout our progress has been impressive. They always seem to be one step ahead of time.

    I can tell they have our best interest at heart because they’re always going the extra mile for us. We chose Globalbuzz as they took the time to understand our business and gave us confidence that they could deliver.

    I thought that it was impossible to make a brand visible within a year, but GB flip my expectations. Aside from the outstanding results, I was impressed by the fact that the whole team truly cares about our success.

    The team was very professional and readily available, they were always eager to get on the phone with us.

    Smitha Raghav

    Project management was excellent, and they did well with a complex website and lots of requirements. GB uniqueness in design and ability to understand what I want is outstanding.

    We’re looking forward to continuing the web portal maintenance journey with globalbuzz. GB Team’s provision of expertise has been really helpful to the engagement.

    They realized that we were quite new to projects like this, so they’ve guided us well. GB has truly taken our project under its wing. They met each and every milestone and exceeded every expectation we had.

    Thanks, GB Team for your awesome work. All the very best to you all.

    Sumeeth Lunker

    They gave us cutting-edge design and development work. I am impressed with the product’s quality and the team’s responsiveness.

    They earnestly put in a lot of thought and effort into the project. The communication was always efficient and they were always flexible in fitting me in on short notice for work.

    The GB team was always available to talk through any questions I had. Everyone was very honest and open with us which made us feel that our business was in good hands.

    I was impressed with Globalbuzz flexibility and willingness to collaborate in a way that worked for both of us. We enjoyed going through the design process with them, and the final results were excellent.

    Our assigned engineer was comfortable with learning our requirements and set our foundational infrastructure up well.

    Arpitha Preetham

    I was impressed with their transparency, speed of work, and their ability to troubleshoot, adapt, and innovate. GB stood out as an ethical, trustworthy, and professional company.

    Everything is five stars because of the maturity they’ve brought to the project and the quality of everything. Their responsiveness and breadth of knowledge are pretty impressive.

    The thing that I’ve particularly liked about working with GB Team is that they’re very patient. We are very pleased with the performance of the GB team. Give them the opportunity to go beyond your typical engagement model.

    Globalbuzz is very passionate and empathetic.

    Kiran Nagachar, M.D.

    I have very few words to say about team “Global Buzz” Guaranteed customer satisfaction Limitless effort Outstanding art work Business catalyst Analyze customer and customize Lively attitude Busy with designs Understanding the need Zero complaints Zoom ahead !!! all the best

    Dr M M Poulose, CEO

    Global Buzz has an excellent and dedicated team, willing to put in their best always. While designing the web site for Pauls Farm, they have shown great expertise and professionalism and personally I want to thank the entire team for their great job. Dr M M Poulose

    Avinash G, Managing Partner

    Wgat Global Buzz offered me was not just a website but something more, the team is always on its toes and ready to go out its way to make things happens, not only the team provides a punctual work but also provides a creative solution,i would recommend Global buzz for any company looking for a web solution.